Our Story

C.T.E an importer & Distributor. We provide ~ Sales, Services, installation, software customization & Repairing. We established in 2009 a comprehensive, One stop supplier of time attendance and door access. Majority of our staffs are technical-oriented and experience in this field.

Focus On Quality

We create customized client solutions. Our team of professionals can tailor custom design software an advanced IT and security system that suits customers. We also provide installation and maintenance services at very affordable prices without compromising on quality.
We also make every effort to ensure that our products are good quality, comparative price, and user-friendly. We will be most happy to answer any queries that you may have about our product and services.



Technology, Support

Using biometrics verify identity means using a physical characteristic such as face, voice or fingerprints to authenticate an individual’s claimed identity. Fingerprint matching is the most successful biometric technology because of its ease of use, non-intrusiveness and reliability. Fingerprints consist of ridges and valleys formed in complex patterns that are unique for every person and thereby provide an optimal verification method.

12 years, Experience

As experts in time for over 12 years, we can help revolutionize way you run your business. we’ve been committed to constantly evolving our systems to offer you the ultimate in workforce management.
Since our inception, we’ve been dedicated to serving you. We’ve led the way in developing employee management software, designing user-friendly, intelligent products that seamlessly integrate with our clients’ systems.

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